storage service

Our warehouse is a modern, secure and clean facility where we store our clients equipment and materials for their events.



Reliable and safe Storage Service

TNL has several types of warehouses for storage by period. If you aree looking for a reliable storage company, you have come to the right place. We have been helping families move and store their precious and important belongings.

  • Temporarily stored during local moving
  • In case of interior work
  • Long term storage for overseas recrutement
  • Other special needs

Precaution when using storage service

Please refer to the following information to ensure safe storage before storing the goods so that they do not cause any problems during storage. We ask you to prevent it in advance, and if the cargo is inevitably stored at your request, TNL shall not be held responsible for any damage, deformation, deterioration, damage, or destruction.

Long Term Storage

Dehumidifier must be prepared for long-term storage of moisture-sensitive products such as fur coats, leather clothing, and electronics.


After you have completely removed the food, you should wash the inside with detergent and store it. You can prevent odors from being reused in the future reused.


Clothing must be cleaned or washed, completely dried, and stored. This is because lack of dryness cause molds and corrosion/corrosion.

Furniture, electric appliances

It must be removed from dust and dried when washing water.


Wipe kitchenware and dishes clean, wrap them tightly with bubble wrap, and store them. Food, grain, fruit, and food products that are left unspent can cause decay or deterioration when stored, which can affect other items that are stored together, be sure to consume them.

Prohibited items

Hazardous Substance

Explosive logistics, flammable materials, toxic substances, etc.


Currency, securities, credit card bankbook, etc


All kinds of food such as dried fish,

Animals / Plant

Living things

Illegal belongings

Weapons, smuggles goods

Electrical Appliances

High-end electronic goods